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Before we attend your Perth site to perform a wall or floor tile removal, timber floor removal, vinyl floor removal or concrete grinding service, it is essential for you to be prepared.

Being prepared saves a lot of time. By doing the following your belongings will be more protected and will ensure that we can begin immediately on our arrival.

  • Please allow easy access from the working area to outside.
  • Close doors to other areas or cover openings with a drop sheet to prevent dust from entering those areas.
  • Unlock windows or leave a key to allow for ventilation.
  • Skirting boards should be removed or can be added into the quote.
  • Leave Meter/Power box unlocked.
  • Cover smoke alarms.
  • Clear working area of furniture and other items including curtains, blinds, electronic equipment, fridges, washing machines, microwaves and dishwashers.
  • Clear working area of any items hanging on the walls.
  • Any items that cannot be removed such as built in cupboards/cabinets should be sealed with masking tape and covered with a disposable drop sheet.
  • If the working area has cupboards with tiles in them (pantry), clear out the cupboards.
  • When the working area is an ensuite, allow access for wheelbarrow in and out the room. This may mean moving any furniture left in the room to a corner. Cover all furniture with a drop sheet, pack away any belongings and seal cupboards with masking tape.
  • Read our Disclaimer.

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