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Concrete Grinding Perth

Often before the installation of a new floor, the existing concrete requires removal of surface coatings, paint, glue or other adhesives. Your concrete floor may also need to be levelled if it is uneven or not at an acceptable depth.  All of this can achieved with concrete grinding. Concrete grinding is a specialist process that should be carried out by experienced professionals such as the team at Hit The Tiles.

Hit The Tiles offers a professional concrete floor grinding service in Perth. We use state of the art diamond grinders and polishing machines. Our machine’s vibration levels are much lower than the threshold value. The sound levels are very low, and grinding is made more or less dust free.  We guarantee superior results, on budget and on time.

Contact us today for a free quote within 24hrs for all your concrete grinding and floor grinding needs in Perth. We also offer expert wall and floor tile removal in Perth.